DVD Collection

I love movies. And TV Shows. And I’ve been collecting them ever since I could special order movies on VHS when I was in high school. Then DVD came out, then the movie studios realized just how much they could fit on a DVD, or a 2-disc DVD set, and I became a Special Features junkie. I love to watch a movie, then spend another couple hours going through all the behind-the-scenes interviews and commentaries and “Making Of” featurettes and gag reels.

And when TV shows started coming out on DVD? Whoa boy, was I excited. Now I could go back and watch my favorite shows over and over and over and over.

And now there’s Blu-ray (and the recently departed HD-DVD.) I never really followed the format war, in fact I had no intention of switching to “Hi-Def” because DVD was good enough for me. Then I rented “Enchanted” from Netflix on DVD. And saw the little preview-clip for the interactive movie trivia available on the Blu-Ray version of the movie. The next day, I ordered a Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo drive for my home theater PC, and hit the HD-DVD blowout sales.

Years ago, I found some PC software called DVD Profiler, that would let me track all the movies and TV shows I own on DVD. When I switched to using a Mac as my main computer, I found some different software, DVDPedia from Bruji studios. First those two, then later Movie Collector from Collectorz.com let me keep track of all my movies, in their various formats and “special edition” or “super-mega-duper extra special edition” releases.

A few years ago, I built a media center PC (the tales of that are buried in the archives here) with the main goal of digitizing my DVD (and later Blu-ray) collection. I actually did accomplish that, to greater and greater power bills and storage requirements, but eventually there came a point when I realized that there were online services doing a much better job of it, for much cheaper than I was. While I still can’t get ALL of my movies and shows from places like Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu, there’s enough content available there that my video collection has shrunk considerably in the last year or so.