Current Computer Systems

It’s a good thing I still work in the IT industry doing complicated geeky things, otherwise I would probably have to turn in my geek card based on the current count of computers I own; from a high of 6 different computers at one time, in all their power-bill-generating glory, down to a single laptop with a low-power mini pre-build for the occasional movie streaming. Wow.

*Rambles – MacBook Pro with Retina display aka the “everything” computer; the most I’ve done to customize this is use BootCamp to set Windows as the primary OS. Other than that, it’s almost frighteningly boring.

*Cinema – Dell Zino HD Media PC for media playback on the plasma TV, on the rare times I watch movies from a disc instead of a streaming service. Also functions as a portal to backup the Drobo NAS to CrashPlan with minimal futzing.