CD Collection

Music has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. From singing in the church choir with Mom, to listening to Asleep at the Wheel on road trips with my dad, to hearing Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” played in the hallways at my school, there has always been music.

First it was cassette tapes, and mix tapes that my brother made. Then CDs, and the skill of pausing the tape recorder just right so you wouldn’t hear the click as you recorded songs off different CDs. Then it was sitting at a computer with stacks of CDs, adding a track at a time to a custom CD for road trips. And then the long process of ripping my favorite songs to mp3. And after THAT, it was the weeks spent ripping my entire CD collection into iTunes when I got my first iPod.

Across all the years of music, I have found new styles and artists, and added more and more CDs to my collection. Rarely have I removed CDs from that collection, in fact I still have the very first CD I ever purchased (Matchbox 20’s “Yourself or Someone Like You”) and might even have a few lonely tapes stashed in a closet somewhere.

But the one thing I didn’t do, until a few years ago, was track which CDs I owned. Amazingly, I can only recall purchasing 2 duplicate CDs. But when I switched to a Mac as my primary computer and got my DVDPedia software, the same company made CDPedia. So I grabbed the package deal from them, and ran the “Import from iTunes” option in CDPedia. It actually picked up almost everything, only missing about 20 “Greatest Hits” CDs that weren’t cataloged correctly in iTunes so they appeared as duplicates. And I still find the occasional really strange CD that came out of the online database CDPedia matched to, but overall it was a fairly painless way to start tracking my CDs. Especially considering how many I own.

Even with the digital music explosion from iTunes, the Amazon mp3 store, and other services, music is one place where I actually prefer not to go completely digital – I’m still a little too attached to the feeling of unwrapping a new CD, browsing the liner notes (while the CD imports to iTunes :D) then finding it the proper home on the shelf (alphabetized by band, and in chronological order by release date, of course.)