Twitter Ramblings from 2011-04-07

Hmmm. Apparently I have absolutely nothing on order from the Internet right now. I should do something to fix that. # Tonight's weather report, from personal experience: rain, more rain, LOTS of rain, lightning, thunder, hail, pouring rain. Drying off…

Twitter Ramblings from 2011-04-03

I'm sure glad I bought this nice, expensive fleece sweatshirt for the cat to sleep on: # Watching Exchange 2010 auto-create 375 distribution lists from an Excel file just warms my little geek heart right up! # Powered by…

Twitter Ramblings from 2011-03-31

Gallery Exhibit:: The Expected, and The Unexpected # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Ramblings from 2011-03-24

Just got invited to interview a co-worker for my team's supervisor job. (aka my boss for now) AWKWARD!!! # Found the Cost Plus World Market store. This could be dangerous! # Powered by Twitter Tools