Gluten-Free Blueberry Pancakes

In my quest to have one last round of gluten-based goodies before cutting them all out, last weekend I went out for breakfast specifically for blueberry pancakes. (Well, and bacon, because BACON!) With the taste of a pretty darn good blueberry pancake so fresh in my memory, this weekend I was determined to create a close if not equivalent gluten-free version at home. Have I mentioned that I haven’t made pancakes in at least 15 years? So this was a bit of an adventure.

Being a slightly lazy cook (although I prefer to call it “efficient) I decided to start off with a pancake mix instead of making my own, particularly since my favorite gluten-y flour company has produced a line of well-regarded gluten-free products. This recipe is based off the King Arthur Gluten-Free pancake mix, adjusted a bit for volume, less dairy, and of course. . . . . blueberries!


  • 1 cup milk
  • 3.5 tablespoons melted butter or olive oil, divided
  • 1 egg
  • 7-7.5 oz King Arthur Gluten Free Pancake mix (note – I was able to get this at my regional chain grocery, if yours doesn’t carry it Prime members can order this and other KA GF mixes from Amazon’s Prime Pantry)
  • About 1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen – I use frozen because it’s easier)
  • 1-3 TBSP water (optional)

Note – I used unsweetened coconut milk in place of regular milk to cut down on the amount of dairy involved. I did use butter instead of substituting olive oil, because pancakes deserve butter

Blueberry Pancake Ingredients

Mix together 3TBSP melted butter, egg, and milk in a large bowl (word of advice: a batter bowl doesn’t pour as well as you think it might)
Whisk in pancake mix – less mix for a thinner batter, more mix for a thicker batter. If desired, add 1-3 TBSP cold water to thin the mix even more
Heat a griddle or skillet to 350 degrees (hot enough for a drop of water to skid and evaporate, or butter to sizzle)
Add a bit of your remaining butter or olive oil to the skillet, then drop about 1/4 cup of batter onto the griddle. Sprinkle about 1 tbsp blueberries atop the pancake
Cook each pancake until it is golden brown on the bottom, about 2 minutes (tip: when the air bubbles stay popped, as shown below, it’s time to flip the pancake)
Making Blueberry Pancakes
Flip pancake and cook until the other side is golden. You might notice a discrepancy in the size of blueberry vs the size of the pancake – I used an 8″ skillet for these, because I prefer a smaller pancake. For a larger pancake, use a larger skillet or griddle.
Enjoy fresh blueberry pancakes with maple syrup! For my first home-made pancakes in over 15 years, these came out pretty well. Next time
Blueberry Pancakes