Pint-Sized Patio

Way back at the beginning of the summer, a passing conversation with one of my neighbors inspired the realization that I was seriously under-utilizing my giant* patio with it’s lovely city/ferry view. Probably because it had this boring, un-inspired look:


The conversation with my neighbor had revolved around plants for that lovely large patio, which I thought was a great idea. Until I remembered that plants require work to take care of, and it doesn’t take long before I get bored of that effort and the plants are left to die a slow, dreadful, ugly death. So, no trips to a local home improvement store for pots and pots of flowering beauties. And then I remembered that Ikea sells fake plants, and pots, and they actually look somewhat reasonably realistic!! So off to Ikea I trekked, and came home with a cart full of fake greenery:


And after a bit of shuffling and unpacking, I had the beginnings of a reasonably nice patio outside my living room just waiting for a few cushions and a tiny little barbecue grill. And then I got the bright idea to move, and discovered that my new patio looked like this:

Teeny Tiny Patio

That’s right, it’s not even half the size of that lovely, giant patio with it’s bright, comfortable Adirondack chairs. Yet I was still inspired to see what I could make of it. So on moving day, one of those big bright chairs did some nearly impossible gymnastics, and then I stuffed as many plants as possible around it, and tossed on the cushions I’d picked up right before I decided to move.

Finally, a cozy, adorable, inviting, and yet still pint-sized patio!

Pint-Sized Patio

Pint-Sized Patio