Monthly Archives: August 2013

“Studio Style” (with an office)

After spending a few months in my new apartment, I found that more & more often, I wished that I was sleeping in the living room (for the view) and working in the bedroom (for the lighting and space.) A…

33/52 – Moving Statues

33/52 – Moving Statues, a photo by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ) on Flickr. And now for your Daily WTF??? – I guess being a statue is hard work, so old George had to stroll down to Pike Place…

32/52 – Seattle Lightning Storm

32/52 – Seattle Lightning Storm, a photo by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ) on Flickr. It was a dark and stormy night. . . .an unusually brilliant lightning storm strikes over downtown Seattle and the waterfront

31/52 – Soaring through the City

31/52 – Soaring through the City, a photo by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ) on Flickr. A seagull dips and dives as he soars along the air currents in the “concrete canyons” of the city.