Monthly Archives: May 2013

Shipping FAIL

Shipping FAIL, originally uploaded by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ). In my recently resumed nail polish obsession, I was delighted to find that an online retailer (*cough* *cough*) had some harder-to-find shades from one of my favorite brands…

21/52 – Night on the Docks

21/52 – Night on the Docks, a photo by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ) on Flickr. Golden dock lights glow against the dark as a cargo ship loads late into the night

20/52 – Totally Oblivious

20/52 – Totally Oblivious, a photo by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ) on Flickr. He’s got a spot with the best city view in the apartment, but Max is totally oblivious to it all as he takes his afternoon…

Sausage Risotto with Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes

You can find varying risotto recipes all over the web, running the gamut from vegetarian to seasonal to side dish to meat-based, and with just about every level of complexity to go with them. Personally, I prefer a quick and…

18/52 – The Mountain is Out

18/52 – The Mountain is Out, a photo by Meghan (Rambling On. . . ) on Flickr. On a clear sunny day, you can see all the way to Mount Rainier from the Seattle waterfront.