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Twitter Ramblings from 2011-03-31

Gallery Exhibit:: The Expected, and The Unexpected # Powered by Twitter Tools

The Expected, and The Unexpected

I took a short trip to the Olympic Peninsula last weekend, and stopped for some photos along the way. (As usual.) I found this cute little marina in Poulsbo, and carefully planned and composed these photographs, which turned out pretty…

Twitter Ramblings from 2011-03-24

Just got invited to interview a co-worker for my team's supervisor job. (aka my boss for now) AWKWARD!!! # Found the Cost Plus World Market store. This could be dangerous! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Ramblings from 2011-03-18

Success! Finally made it up the "devil hill" by my apt without stopping for the 1st time ever! (note-not the same as my normal hill) # Powered by Twitter Tools